Some Projects

Here are a selection of some of my projects.

Exploring Irish open data weather datasets using Dash

Exploring Irish weather datasets from Met Eireann using the Plotly Dash framework

In this post I am exploring some weather datasets as measured by Met Eireann using the Plotly Dash framework. I have a very basic dash app deployed here on Heroku. The app uses some dropdowns, sliders, tabs, markdown and graph components, using callback functions to link the user’s options with some plots.

Creating a personal website using Hugo

Some notes and resources on creating this website

A collection of notes on making this website using the Hugo open-source static site generator. Hugo uses the Go language. There is a quick start guide which outlines how to get up and running very quickly with a new Hugo site.

Simulating the World Happiness Score using Python

A Data Simulation Project using numpy.random

In this project I simulated the World Happiness Score, in particular the main determinants of happiness at country levels across the world as reported in the World Happiness Report. The aim of the World Happiness report is to see what countries or regions rank the highest in overall happiness and each of the six factors contributing to happiness.

Open Data

Retrieving and Exploring Irish open data using the API's

Exploring some of the open data available from the Irish Open Data Portal at https://data.gov.ie and retrieving datasets programmatically through Python using the CKAN APIs.

List of open source GitHub Repositories