Some Projects

Here are a selection of some of my projects.

Numpy Random

Explaining the overall use of the Python numpy.random package

The aim of this project was to explain the overall use of the Python numpy.random package and in particular the use of it’s simple random data functions, it’s permutations functions and it’s distributions functions. The final section explains the use of seeds in generating pseudorandom numbers.

An overview of a project for the Applied Database module

A Python application that performs CRUD on relational and non-relational databases
MySQL logo  MongoDB

  This post contains some reference notes for using both relational and non-relational databases as well as an overview of a project completed for the Applied Databases module as part of the Higher Diploma in Data Analytics at GMIT.

  • MySQL is a relational database management system. Queries are written in the SQL language.
  • MongoDb is a document database used for non-structured …

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