Some notes on using Git and GitHub including some of the more common commands that I have come across. (I will tidy this up.)

Git is a free open-source distributed version control system while GitHub is a platform for hosting and collaborating on Git repositories. It can be downloaded here.
Version …

Working with Jupyter

Creating markdown pages from Jupyter Notebooks

In this post I will make some notes on creating content for this blog from Jupyter notebooks. My notebooks usually get too long to use as a post so I want to be able to create a summary post of the notebook and include any plots, images etc.

The following packages are available.

Web technologies - some notes

Some links and notes on various technologies

Often when I am learning about or reading up on some technology or other I come across other related technologies. I will keep a note of them here as well as some links so I don’t keep going off on a tangent…

Magic functions in Jupyter

Using magic functions to work with other files in a Jupyter notebook

There are some magic functions in Jupyter that allow you to load functions, code from another notebook or script.


Irish population datasets from the CSO

I have been playing around with some of the open data on the Irish open data portal at data.gov.ie, reading in the datasets using Python through the APIs. One of the publishers is the Central Statistics Office (CSO) which is responsible for over 4,000 of the datasets published on the Irish open data …

This Blog

Some notes on creating this site

The blog is built using Hugo - a fast and modern static site generator written in Go, and designed to make website creation fun again.

A dynamic site generally creates a page from scratch for each visit, usually by fetching data from a database and combining it with templates. Dynamic sites are …

Shortcodes in Hugo

Inserting a snippet of HTML into a Markdown page

Markdown is used for creating content in a Hugo website such as this blog. Sometimes though there are some things that are not supported by Markdown. Instead of writing raw HTML in the markdown files you want to include some unsupported content you can use shortcodes.

A shortcode is a simple …

Bokeh Visualisations

Interactive plots that can be displayed on the web

Bokeh is a JavaScript based visualisation library for Python that specialises in creating interactive plots that are optimised for displaying on the web.