String partitioning a column of a pandas dataframe

Using pandas str.partition to extract part of a URL

I have a dataframe of URLs to datasets available from the PxStat database of the Central Statistics Office (CSO). The URLs follow the same format. The dataset code can be extracted using string partitioning.

Plotly Dash

Interactive dashboards and visualisations with Plotly / Dash

Dash is a web framework that allows interactive data dashboards and web apps to be developed using pure Python without having to worry about JavaScript.

Dash uses Flask for the backend and Plotly for producing plots. It also uses React.

Using Irish Open Data

Exploring possible uses of the open data from data.gov.ie

Looking at uses of open data such as that available through the Irish open data portal at https://data.gov.ie which can be mined and processed.

I have been using the CKAN API’s for retrieving the lists of datasets available on the Irish open data portal at https://data.gov.ie. There are over …


Using nbdev by fastai

While exploring other options for easily converting Jupyter notebooks along with pandas DataFrame tables to markdown, I came across nbdev which is used to create delightful python projects using Jupyter Notebooks.

nbdev is a system for exploratory programming. It is a library created by the fast.ai …

Printing pandas dataframe tables

When printing a DataFrame table in a markdown file that was converted from a Jupyter notebook using nbconvert, the table data may not be displayed as it is raw HTML.

Instead of allowing all raw html to be displayed which may open up a security risk you can instead surround the code with a shortcode …