How to download and run this project

Downloading and running the project code

An overview of the different sections of the project is provided below. The project can be cloned or downloaded from the project repository on my GitHub.com profile here. The research and the simulation was implemented in a single Jupyter notebook. The main Python packages used along with NumPy were matplotlib, pandas, seaborn and scipy.stats. This notebook Simulate.ipynb can be viewed in the browser on GitHub or by copying the notebook URL into the Jupyter nbviewer at https://nbviewer.jupyter.org

The full project itself including datasets used is available at GitHub.com. The Jupyter notebook itself is quite long and might take some time to load. A rendered version of the notebook can be viewed on https://nbviewer.jupyter.org. An HTML version of the notebook is included with this post and can be viewed here. This contains the Python code, output, explanations etc.

Running screenshot

Tech used:
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML